Since 2004, Non-Duality Press has been the leading publisher of contemporary literature on non-duality, a translation of the Sanskrit word “Advaita,” meaning “not two.” Contemporary non-duality stands firmly in the immediacy of the present moment, but often draws on the wisdom of ancient teachings, such as Advaita Vedanta and Buddhism, to bring them into the intimacy of our modern lives.

Non-duality means non-separation, and indeed we are “not two”—not separate from the universe or from each other. And through this non-dual realization, even in the busyness of our lives and minds, we learn it’s possible to see through our dissatisfaction, trauma, doubt, and compulsivity to find liberation—and compassion without boundaries or judgments of ourselves or others.

Non-Duality Press has sought authors whose work carries the authority of genuine experience and insight. Each book is a unique and accessible expression of the freedom, joy, and clarity that come from the realization of our natural wholeness and unity with all that is. New Harbinger is proud to continue this mission to support those on this transformational path.

We’ll be using this blog to connect with you and highlight the work of our authors, so please check back to stay up to date with new posts, excerpts from upcoming books, events, and Q&As with teachers and other influential voices in the non-duality community. We also encourage you to reach out and share your thoughts, including what you’d like to see here, and we thank you for your support.