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  1. Yolande Duran is one of the best non-duality ‘teachers’ around (maybe the BEST!). She is French, so her books need to be translated. I believe Non-Duality Press was working on a translation of her second book, “In Love With Silence”, but after several years I have not seen it published! This teacher is too important to ignore! She is totally amazing. Many times I received a ‘direct transmission’ from her, and each time it was very powerful. It seems I am in communion with her all the time without being conscious of it.

    Please, please, please focus on her and make her available, not only with her books, but do interviews with her so she is introduced to the English speaking world. Even though she doesn’t speak very good English and will need a translator, the English speaking world deserves to have her available.

    Conscious T.V. doesn’t do interviews that need translating, so they turned her down, which is really too bad and very short sighted! She is as good as they get!

    … I can’t recommend any other teacher as highly as I recommend Yolande.

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